If you’re planning to offer recorder lessons to new students, it’s important you spend some time planning your advertising strategy. Without effective advertising, it will be hard for prospective students to know your service exists or to get in touch to book a lesson. While sharing your passion for the recorder can be really rewarding, getting your advertising strategy right will make a big difference to the overall success of your business. You might decide to focus on one advertising method or try a combination of techniques.

Before you plan your advertising efforts, think about the type of students you’re trying to attract. Are most of your clients school-aged students or do you usually work with older players? Can you teach absolute beginners or do you prefer people with some experience with the recorder? Once you know your target market you can focus your advertising strategy on this audience. There are a range of advertising activities to choose from so think about which ones will work best for you.

Online advertising

Whether you have your own website or prefer to use a site set up especially to promote services like instrumental lessons, an online presence should be an essential part of your advertising strategy. Websites such as lessons.com.au can target web users who are looking for recorder lessons and allow you to include information on the type of service you provide. You may also be able to include links to your own sites and your contact details so students can easily get in touch.

Social media

Social media is an excellent way to engage with potential clients and showcase your recorder skills. There are a range of social media platforms to choose from so select one that will suit your target audience. You can provide information on the type of lessons you have available and may even offer special deals or promotional discounts. Make sure it’s simple for interested students to contact you if they want more information.

Be involved in the community

When you’re establishing yourself as a quality recorder teacher, getting involved with local community groups can really help your cause. Community-based organisations are often looking for new instructors or activities, so it might be worth your while to offer your services. It’s a great way to access a wider section of the community and speak with people who may not have considered recorder lessons before.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is one of the most effective advertising strategies available, so use it to your advantage as much as you can. Ask your former or current students to write a review or get them to fill out a feedback form. Use their positive words in all your advertising efforts, from printed material to online advertising and social media.

Written by Jodie Magrath
Jodie Magrath
Jodie is a freelance writer with a background in communication and journalism. She’s spent almost 20 years working in roles such as Special Projects Writer and Publications Officer.