Has your dad recently asked about "non-fudgible tokens" in an all-caps 6am text message? Does your uncle boast about "his new blockchain" while you reset his router for the umpteenth time?

Set your mind at ease. The experts at Lessons.com.au have designed this incredible free course to help you navigate these awkward encounters with haste, while also preventing any future inquiries.

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Units of study

UNIT 1 It's like Facebook, but also not.

We’ll begin by providing you with a few basic metaphors to describe digital ledgers and the applications that they allow. From blockchain to NFTs, we’ll help you to explain nascent technologies as articulately as a neanderthal explaining how to use stone tools to his toothless cousin.

Our teaching methods are so cutting edge, we're on the cusp of teaching Will Smith alternative punch lines.

UNIT 2 Imagine if you could right-click the Mona Lisa

For our beloved elders that grew up during times of paper newspapers, it can be difficult to grasp the idea of owning digital goods.

We’ll warm up with some basic relatable examples like the iTunes gift card they bought for their grandson last Christmas (he’s an Android fanboy, we’ll leave that lesson for another time). We’ll then progressively build up to ledgers with examples like that weird slidey thing the banks used for cheques in the 80’s to make carbon copies.

Now that we have laid down the building blocks for blockchain and NFTs, we can move onto the important stuff.

UNIT 3 Apes and Yachts

The last piece of ‘art’ your dad bought was probably a neon sign of his favorite beer that proudly hangs above the bar in his mancave. It uses more power than the entire kitchen, but it makes him feel young and cool - much like buying an NFT.

In this unit we’ll talk through the explosion of digital art that has been spurred on by NFTs, and how new online marketplaces have the potential to make you rich (but more likely, will make you feel stupid for buying a $500 cartoon gorilla from Gary Vee).

UNIT 4 Exit Strategy

Remember that one time you suggested that the reason the wifi at your aunt’s house was slow was because the neighbors might be using it and they should change the password? And now every time they have an IT question, they call you up? Let’s not make that same mistake again.

Remember these four key words, "It’s probably a scam". Casually drop this phrase to leave your relative with just the right combination of confusion and fear to ensure they won’t broach the subject with you again.

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